Book the Chorus!The River City Chorus and Quartets can be easily hired to entertain at your event or gathering. We are extremely flexible and can present a variety of songs and show formats for any occasion and budget. What better way to entertain your guests or clients than with some good old fashioned harmony sung by men who love what they do and who encompass the spirit of the Midwest!

Booking a Quartet The quartets of the River City Chapter each handle their own booking arrangements. Please contact them individually to discuss your particular needs. Please find their contact information on their individual quartet pages above, under the menu, “Quartets”.

Booking the River City Chorus:
The River City Chorus can bring the entire chorus to your event and entertain for a reasonable fee. The chorus presents an entertaining show suitable for all ages and audiences.

Chorus Bookings: Contact us through the form on our Contact Page or call Dan Brozik, Events Coordinator (641) 923-3909 or the Chorus Line at (641) 380-0406

Repertoire: The River City Chorus maintains a repertoire of standard barbershop pieces as well as a mixture of arranged pieces in many styles. We also maintain a religious set of pieces suitable for church services. Our songs are always suitable for all ages, religions, and nationalities and include not only singing but choreographed enhancements and entertaining smiles and enthusiastic singers. Please contact us if you have questions about the songs we can currently present for your event.

Show Length: Though we can present shows up to an hour in length, we typically perform between 30 and 45 minutes. Performances longer than 30 minutes may include the participation of one or more of our chorus quartets in addition to 2 or more sections of chorus singing. We can accommodate breaks for presentations or other events or simply sing all the way through. We can also present the same show multiple times within the same day or split the show over a time period.

Pricing: Prices vary depending on the performance required, length of performance, location, event, and timing. Please contact us with your event details and we will be able to give you a better quote.

Equipment: The chorus has its own traveling risers available to bring along or we can use your staging equipment. We are also able to sing without risers or a stage; however, for the best sound quality, we recommend a tiered format. We typically consist of 25-50 men needing between 4 and 7 standard choral risers in a 3 to 5 row format. The chorus requires no audio enhancement (microphones, etc.), but if you are planning on us singing in a location where the audience is spread out or there is little containment for our sound (open theaters, outdoor arenas or fields, etc.) we recommend a few mikes spread across the stage area to assist your listeners. The barbershop sound works best where there is some acoustical feedback but not much echo. (A theater is best; an open football field is harder, a gym is worst.)

Timing: The chorus requires at least a month if not longer in notification to properly book and prepare for your event, so please make your preparations ahead of time. The best times to book the chorus for an event is March, May – September, and November. These times align best with our show/contest preparation schedules and availability of singers. We take bookings all year, however, so please inquire with your details and we’ll be happy to arrange a performance to knock your socks off!